Monday, June 29, 2015

vision and objectives

The overall aim of PROVIA is to help provide international direction and improve the coherence of research on climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA).

With this in mind, through PROVIA it is our vision to create a new and vitally important interface between the scientific community and decision-makers involved in VIA issues, and improve the availability and accessibility of such knowledge to the people that need it most.


Overarching Objectives
  • To advance policy-relevant research on vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation related to climate change.
  • To coordinate and facilitate the dissemination and practical application of this research for the benefit and value of society.

Specific objectives
  1. To build a new and important interface between the research community and decision makers and other stakeholders involved in VIA issues.
  2. To promote communication between the community of researchers working on VIA issues and users, by providing a vehicle for exchanging new research results, encouraging cooperative work on specific research challenges, and providing a forum for improving the relevance of research.
  3. To identify VIA research gaps, priorities and critical emerging issues that are important to both the science and policy communities.
  4. To provide a new avenue by which decision makers can solicit scientific input to new critical policy issues.
  5. To contribute to the capacity building of young scientists in developing countries to carry out scientific assessments of climate change VIA.

priority activities
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